A Day in Bray

Bray Head

To get some of the most stunning views of Bray, look no further than Bray Head. The hill dominates the end of the promenade and the stone cross atop the hill is an iconic feature of the town. While the climb is not particularly daunting, some parts can be a bit of a challenge and require some scrambling. But if the hike up doesn’t leave you breathless the views sure will!


Bray Head Cliff Path

One of the highlights of walking in Wicklow. This linear walk takes you from Bray to Greystones or vice versa along the stunning coastal path. The path is well maintained and you can return by DART to the start point, or walk back again. Greystones has plenty to offer the hungry walker after beautiful views and a range of marine wildlife.  From Bray start, there is a path leading to the top of Bray Head offering stunning views of the Irish Sea, The Wicklow Mountains and Bray.


Feed the Swans

Take a stroll to the seafront and meet some of Bray’s most famous residence. If you fancy feeding these magnificent birds, make sure to follow the advice below.

Tips for feeding swans

  • Brown or wholemeal bread rather than highly refined white bread
  • Green vegetables, such as the outer leaves of cabbages
  • Wheat or barley grain
  • Very stale bread should be thrown in the water to soften it
  • Avoid giving mouldy bread which could be poisonous

Take caution when feeding the swans. As beautiful as they are, they are still wild birds and can be quite fierce if frightened or provoked!


Bray Adventures

Looking for some adventure? That’s what we’re all about here at Firefly! Experience the fun and adrenalin of outdoor adventure sports with Bray Adventures. What better way to view the beautiful East Coast than from a kayak or stand-up paddle board? They’re located just a short stroll from the hotel, on the seafront.


Fat Bikes

Take in the incredible scenery that Ireland’s Ancient East has to offer – from beaches to bogs, forests to mountains. Fatbike Adventures has a huge amount of different tours to choose from. Whether you’re an avid cyclist, or haven’t touched one since childhood, Fatbike Adventures can cater for all levels (they even have handy battery powered bikes!). 

So what is a fatbike? Fatbikes have very wide tires (hence the name!), allowing you to float over softer terrains like beach sand, bog and snow, meaning these bad boys are ideal for heading off the beaten track. On your bike!


The Harbour Bar

No trip to Bray is complete with a visit to the Harbour Bar. Hailed as scruffy, wild and elegant, The Harbour Bar is a true destination pub with unmatched character.

Established as an undertakers back in 1872, rumour has it that it is immortalised somewhere in James Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake. Joyce is one of many celebrated people who patronised the bar over its long history. Peter O’Toole, when filming nearby in Ardmore Studios, would often drink in the bar and donated the famous moose head (a prop from Woody Allen’s What’s New, Pussycat?) as a gesture of gratitude to the owners for making sure he was returned in one piece to his hotel each night. Other icons that have enjoyed a drink at The Harbour Bar include Laurence Olivier, Katharine Hepburn, Bono and Brendan Behan.